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Flat Free Cart Tires

Flat Free Lawn, Garden and Marina Cart Tires offer the same durability  – with out all the headaches of a flat!

Our solid polyurethane flat free tires are perfect for lawn, garden carts and marina carts.

These flat proof tires are:

  •      non marking
  •      feature the same durability
  •      and same bounce of air filled tires!

Flat Free Polyurethane Cart Tires

These flat proof cart tires are made of lightweight polyurethane foam and perform just like an air filled tire. The specialized foam memory gives our tires the same durability, bounce and cushion of air filled tires- with out all the flats!

Polyurethane foam is more resistant to abrasion than rubber, so it is much more difficult to wear through the surface. Even if the surface becomes worn, these tires perform very well.

Foam is similar to rubber for chemical resistance, but will not be damaged by UV Rays or Ozone- major causes of cracking and rotting in tires.

PLEASE CALL US  AT 1-877-862-1286 IF YOU DON’T SEE THE SIZE YOU NEED! Or email the flat free tire experts at Ken Jones Tires with any questions.

Lawn, Garden, and Marina Cart Flat Free Tires 20×2.0(on black plastic rim) Ribbed 2 7/16″ Hub Length 3/4″ Bearing* 4.5 lbs 92001M $37.95  Buy Flat Proof Tires at Ken Jones Tires

*3/4″ bearings installed. Additional 5/8″ bearings included on the side

Note: All Hubs are centered unless otherwise noted.


Watch video below to learn how to change a cart tire

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